Smutwood Peak Feb 2, 2013

Smutwood Peak

Good trip to an easy peak with Wietse and Vern. Glad they invited me for a last minute outing. I have not been out much due to personal and work issues.

Parked on road and skied in on good track into smuts valley and up to smuts pass/col between smuts and Birdwood.  Carried skis a bit then crossed to smutwood peak ridge.  Left skis there and postholed up ridge.  went over two steps and then left around the false summit.  Steps were easy except for terrible sugar snow which was no help at all. The final stretch up to the summit was also crap snow over scree and slab. Not sure on times but about 4.5 hours to top.

Easier going down and some okay turns back to pass and then some more turns on hard windpack back to valley. A quick out and a good day.

Pictures at  Smutwood

Wietse’s pics

Vern’s pics



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