Prairie Bluff, East Castle April 22, 2017

Dave 5

Plan C after finding 5 to 20 cm of new snow

I like Dave’s summary from FB:¬†This was a “plan C” and ended up being a great half-day wander after the twin irritations of encountering a woman driving in reverse at full speed on the center lane of MacLeod Trail south as we left town(she missed her off ramp!), and me accidentally puncturing a bear spray cartridge with my ice ax as we packed up to go at the trailhead. We chose this objective in lieu of a scramble due to about 5-20 cms of new snow that had blanketed the East Castle region the previous evening. (Dave could have chucked his axe towards his bear spray a 1000 times and never get it to hit the can let alone puncture the can – fortunately we worked things out and had a great day.

Sunny for most of trip(some sunburns), very calm and no ticks.

8 Km RT, 730 m and 4 hrs 23 min including summit time



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