Paradise Valley Ski Jan 2/2012

Fairly flat trip but mostly avi risk free excursion with Wietse and Vern.  In the trees most of the way and in the shade until close to the end of the valley. High point on trail in 30 to 40 min- could ditch skins if have wax or scales.   Hour and 15 to 1st bridge and 1:45 to Lake Annette turnoff.   Put my skins on here and took the old decommisioned trail on the right hand side of the creek at the turn off for Lake Annette.   Upper trail on South side of Valley above Lake Anette looked like it would have been blown clear on the scree sections.

Trail was easy to follow until lost it along the creek. – three hours to avi path off the backside of Aberdeen. – there would be one more 1-2 km section up through trees to get to the big meadow.

Good exercise but not really exciting. If had more time wanted to go all the way past big meadow to Wasatch pass.

On way out go past last (first)bridge for 2-300 m before putting on skins if need them.

Paradise Valley  pics

Verns pics

Wietse pics


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