SSV – Down hill April 13, 2019

New snow – great day.

Jack Knife Butte April 6, 2019 Bob Creek Wildlands

Jack Knife Butte – high point to right of center.  Bob creek Wildlands

From Jack Knife Butte in Bob Creek Wildlands looking south. Grassy ascent ridge to left.

Jack Knife Butte – Great trip- good ridge walking with only a little Mid calf snow in some treed areas. Sunny with great views although windy. Went across Camp Creek on an ice bridge that may not last much longer. Some snow/mud on trails from Bob Creek staging area to camp creek. No ATV’s in area until May 1 but did see some trail riders in the valleys.

19.5 km and 960m total gain.

Dave’s comments – With the forecast for the mountain regions rather blustery for April 6th, Bill Kerr and I deferred to the front range foothills, where the forecast called for no precipitation. We got lucky and did a sweet ridge walk in the Bob Creek Wildland Provincial Park. 19 kms, 6.5 hrs, 950 m vert and a highpoint SW of Jack Knife Coulee (we’ll call it then “Jack Knife Butte”). It was rather windy most of the day (gusting to well over 100 kms/hr) and we also saw the evidence of a same day cougar/deer interaction that likely did not end well for the deer. The Bob Creek area is sandwiched in between the Whaleback and the Oldman River and has endless kms of ridges for hiking.


March 2019

Downhill ski at SSV and LL

Play hockey every Sunday

Prairie Mountain

Workout 2-3 /week



Blanket Feb 22 to 26th, 2019

Blanket Mountain and Caribou Ridge from  the Blanket Glacier Chalet Feb, 2019

My 26th time and not my best showing.  Definitely felt the lack of skiing from missing all last year due to shoulder surgery and no hockey for 3.5 years(used to play 3 x week.)  Lower snow year and much colder than normal so not as much fun or motivation. Conditions were still good so did some great skiing but mentally tired from working evenings and weekends.  A few nagging injuries, lack of energy and the cold weather of the last 2 months also cut into ski training so not as prepared as I wanted.

Overall turned into a very good relaxing time and cleared my head a bit.



Train – SSV skiout to top Wawa – Jan 26, 2019

SSV old Skiout – up 780 m 5.9 km in 2:45 at casual pace staying below 130 HR with 125 alarm.
With Dave


Did a downhill day with Wietse.

Playing hockey once per week and 2-3x week on elip.

Ski DH SSV Jan 5, 2019

Ski DH SSV with Wietse
19 runs
1/2 of 60 km= 30 km

Jan – training 2 or 3x week bike or Elip

Hockey Sundays

Backcountry AT ski Dec 28, 2018

AT ski with Wietse

-25 C start and all in shade so cold toes.

Up LL ski out and Turned around at halfway hut.

15 km and 535 m . 2.5 km/hr on way in and 9 km/hr on way out.

Cold but got some exercise outside.

Also one day at SSV downhill.

Cardiac Stress test Dec 13, 2018 (Bruce Protocol)

Annual treadmill heart stress test at Total Cardiology.

12 min Peak BP 194/72 and 159 HR

Could have done more but ankle issues and had achieved goals  with very close to exhaustion point so began slowdown at 12 minutes.

“Bruce Protocol” –  treadmill increases angle and speed every 3 min so change at 12 min.

Most hit Exhaustion but they also monitor for spiking/ peak BP or max Heart rate or erratic HR.

VO2 max Calc is 42.4 so excellent category for any 63 year old. (12.5 min would be 44.4 or superior for 60+)

This is really a cardiac capacity test and an anaerobic max test so does not say anything about aerobic threshold or long term aerobic endurance.

note hockey on wed 12 shifts x HR of 135 to 158 and felt good.


Sunshine AT ski – Wawa Dec 15, 2018

High avi hazard so just did SSV

New skis and bindings – but skied like any stiff Volkl ski – maybe a bit light.

2 hrs 20 to base Wawa and 3 hrs to top trees ~ 800 m

Carried all the backcountry gear and weight including 2 L water which slowed me down a bit.


Little Lougheed Dec 8, 2018

Little Lougheed Dec 8, 2018

Exercise workout. 5.8 km RT 795 m About 3 hours up 270 m/hr

Bypass boulder field in trees on left on way down at about 1960 m and then cut back right to rejoin trail at 1820 m.