Willow Ridge by Chain Lakes March 18, 2017

IMG_20170318_104938 (Large)

Dave on Willow Ridge looking South

Warm sunny windy day in the foothills(+ 14C in park lot at Chain Lakes). The Mountains to the West were white and had a big storm wall and of course the avalanche hazard is very high.

Left the snowshoes in the car. Trip with Dave, Wietse and Brian. About 14 km RT, 700 m accumulated up and over 4-5 ridges and 4:30 hrs.

Pictures (some Daves – thanks)


Avi conditions March 16 – ski Sunshine


Avalanche conditions off the scale so decided to enjoy the ski hill on a corporate flex day.

Finally getting enough skiing in this year that my fitness and technique are coming back versus last few years.   Have always found that need more than 6 days to get back to a good ability level and need over 10 days to improve.  New excellent quality skis make a big difference. Good feeling and satisfaction to using the right tool for the right job.

Love my new wide  “water skis” – Nunataq’s in the deep powder like at Blanket but I have a pair of dedicated down hill skis (Volkl RTM 84) that are expert triple black skis – any conditions – any run. Heavier and need a downhill boot to drive them and not a luxury ride like Cadillac but like a Porsche – meant to be driven. Top end capability beyond me but you never want to be limited by your skis!

I cannot exceed the skis no matter how many days I ski and it expands my enjoyment of the harder black runs.

Blanket Glacier Ski Trip Mar 3-7, 2017


Mark E at Blanket Glacier Chalet

Annual back country powder trip.(25th time)

Snowed for three days so skied trees  – pollux, monster and christmas and no pics.

Skied 800 to 1300 m per day.

Great snow but Monday was exceptional as snow had dried out from cold Sunday night.

Great feeling to be in the groove again – exceptional powder, great runs in trees and fitness, technique and the right equipment all came together.

Volkl Nunataq skis, Diamir Fritschi Vipec 12 Bindings and Dynafit TLT 6 Boots.  Great combination for deep powder.

Some sun as we flew out.

Chalet has been expanded and now even better. Lots of room, better bed platforms, rooms for couples, better insulation and heaters, and an indoor toilet.

The drying room for wet clothes and the sauna and shower worked good as always.

Pics of chalet 

Cirque Fore Peak/Crystal Ridge Trees – ski Feb 25, 2017

Ski with Andy about 600 m 6 km 4 hrs.

Safe trip and some good turns.

Little Lawson Jan 29, 2017


Little Lawson – Kevin and me

About 750 m and 8 km RT. Packed snow so microspikes versus snowshoes. About 20 – 40 ft of rock edge just below summit- watch cornice alongside edge.


Zephyr Creek Hills Jan 21, 2017

DSC04248 (Custom)

I did about 900 m and 11 km in just over 8 hours. Note highwood river crossing – used hip waders.

Pictures  – mine and Daves

Wolverine Ridge Jan 14, 2017

DSC04238 (Large)

Wolverine Ridge

Pictures    from Vern, Raff and Dave – thanks guys.  About 840 m, 16 km and leisurely 5 hours with stop for a beer.  Ski out 7 or 8 min.

AST2 Rogers Pass Field Days Dec 27th and 28th.

Day 3 – Ursus trees 10.5 km ~ 900 m  Overcast and snowing – no pics

Day 4 – Loop Brook to Bonney Glacier  11.5 km and 900 m  – overcast – no pics

AST2 -Crowfoot Trees Dec 4

Rockies field day for AST2 to Crowfoot Trees/Glades

Overcast and snowing so no pics.

6.6 km 300 m – mainly worked on weather, terrain, pits and one ski down.

GR 409435 North-North Fork of Upper Canyon Creek (N of Bryant)


GR409435 North-north fork of Upper Canyon creek – follow creek bed to trees and straight up NE ridge vs col/then N ridge

Hike 63A in the red book.  North – north fork of Upper Canyon Creek then NE ridge direct to peak versus going to col and then up N ridge to peak. Last 200 m had loose rock but ok.   Excellent scree/dirt run down the South side (63B) to join up with the trail to Bryant to make a loop. Dropped over 500 m in 20 – 25 min at casual pace.

About 15 km RT and 850 m – Not much trail, lots of creek bed rock and snow in the shade. casual 7 hrs with lots of breaks