Red Peak Kananaskis Scramble June 9, 2018

Ridge leading to Red Peak Kananaskis on left. Bogart off to right.

Scramble with Kevin Papke and group.

My GPS watch says 1060 m and 17.8 km RT.  Max 2780 m.   About  4.5 hrs up and 3 hrs out

Rain most of way in but cleared up a bit in afternoon.

Lost the trail on way up to pass  as went too high and off to left so took wrong grass strip up to pass.

Snow drifts on other side of pass so went up peak to left and went too high and across loose crap to col with red peak ridge. On way back took a level line across side hill loose crap to top of snow and then back down to pass.  Met a solo polish backpacker who had illusions about going to Ribbon Lake but too much steep and deep snow. Hope she turned around as rained and snowed at altitude last night and today.

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Wasootch Peak Mountain Scramble June 3, 2018

On Summit of Wasootch Peak – Skyline – Kananaskis Peak, Old Baldy and Fisher L to R

Sunday afternoon with Kevin K.

900 m 6.5 km RT

2hr 25 min up and 1 hr 35 min down.

Trail is much more established now.


Maze Peak Scramble Yaha Tinda area May 25, 2018

Maze Peak Scramble Ya Ha Tinda area from puzzle point/west peak May 25, 2018

Scramble on Maze Peak Ya Ha Tinda area

Slabby scramble on Maze Peak Ya Ha Tinda area.

First new peak this year. Good scramble with Kevin Papke on a flex friday.

About 850 m to peak but 1000 m overall within regain and added puzzle point to west.

Just under 3 hours to top including breaks and photo ops. 6 hr RT with side trip to west point for views and extra exercise.

Took hardest scramble lines on every slab or rock point so fun moderate rock in some places. Most had easy walk arounds.

Best road is to drive to Sundre and the west.

Trail head past km 14, down to creek/bridge, pass slide scar and park 1-200 m as go up hill(3-400 m past bridge.)

Best to go right and up through thinning trees and aim to gain right hand shoulder of ridge vs straight up looks scrappy dinner plates over broken rock.

See spirko for good map but maybe start more to the right.



Grotto Mountain Scramble May 19, 2018


Canmore from Grotto mountain scramble acc route

Grotto  Up 1250 m in 4 hrs on ACC route to first summit (312 m/hr) but ran low on time. 8.5 km RT

Summit 1400 m gain.(Kuz tagged it)

Down 1250 m in under 2 hours.


Baldy North – Kananaskis May 6

Baldy North upper ridge Kananaskis SW ridge may 2018


Baldy North – got going late so hot and legs  tired from skiing sat.

755 m – 5.3 km, 2.5 hrs up.

Dry all the way, ridge to South looked snowy, downclimb still wet.

Baldy South to west ridge looked very snowy.


Spring Ski SSV May 5

First day of skiing this season due to rotator cuff surgery in fall.

Great time with Wietse and Dave.

Twenty five runs – 4900 m and 56 km so 28 km of ski.

Doorjamb April 26, 2018


Doorjamb after work Thursday. 1.5 hrs up to top crux. Some snow in trees but rock slabs dry. Left groove at crux was wet.

550 m 4.2 km RT


Prairie Mountain April 11, 2018

Prairie mountain – Kananaskis, Elbow Falls, Bragg Creek, training, microspikes, April 2018



Beautiful evening jaunt up prairie after work on one of the nice days.

Microspikes essential up and down -freezing by 8pm in shade.

Winter just will not give up.

Did some easy XC ski and snowshoeing around  at shaganappi golf course on one of the snowy days (sunday 8th)

Did Vents ridge with Pam on Sat April 14th


Prairie Mountain Mar 21, 2018

Wed after work with Kevin and Wietse – warm and sunny. Lots of people – maybe 30.

Microspikes up and down just went to top of trees due to time spent on dog search.

Mud up from road until in trees.

Ran into two girls who had lost dog and spent lots of time looking for this small dog.

They thought it had gone off north-east side in the deep snow but we could not find tracks except dear and probably bobcat.

Dog probably followed a scent off the South-west side of ridge which is sunny side – less snow with some grassy patches.

Steep – probably continued down to powderface trail and out to road.

Somebody(wardens?) told them to leave a fleece and shoes by side of road and it worked as dog was there on the fleece in the morning.

Glad it all worked out.

Dawson Hill March 3, 2018

Snowshoe attempt on an obscure bump with Dave S.

Started from Dawson Equestrian Pack lot. -10C and light snow. 5 – 10 inches of new.

Ploughed to there.  Note snowmobilers and snow bikers use this lot and go south of gate on road.

Snowshoed snow calf to thigh deep and bushwacked for 2.5 km and 190 m elev. until decided that this was taking too long.

3 Hour RT.