Cardiac Stress test Dec 13, 2018 (Bruce Protocol)

Annual treadmill heart stress test at Total Cardiology.

12 min Peak BP 194/72 and 159 HR

Could have done more but ankle issues and had achieved goals  with very close to exhaustion point so began slowdown at 12 minutes.

“Bruce Protocol” –  treadmill increases angle and speed every 3 min so change at 12 min.

Most hit Exhaustion but they also monitor for spiking/ peak BP or max Heart rate or erratic HR.

VO2 max Calc is 42.4 so excellent category for any 63 year old. (12.5 min would be 44.4 or superior for 60+)

This is really a cardiac capacity test and an anaerobic max test so does not say anything about aerobic threshold or long term aerobic endurance.

note hockey on wed 12 shifts x HR of 135 to 158 and felt good.


Sunshine AT ski – Wawa Dec 15, 2018

High avi hazard so just did SSV

New skis and bindings – but skied like any stiff Volkl ski – maybe a bit light.

2 hrs 20 to base Wawa and 3 hrs to top trees ~ 800 m

Carried all the backcountry gear and weight including 2 L water which slowed me down a bit.


Little Lougheed Dec 8, 2018

Little Lougheed Dec 8, 2018

Exercise workout. 5.8 km RT 795 m About 3 hours up 270 m/hr

Bypass boulder field in trees on left on way down at about 1960 m and then cut back right to rejoin trail at 1820 m.


Cat Creek Hills October 27, 2018

Cat Creek Hills October 27, 2018

Nice trip on a warm sunny day – hopefully not the last one.

All the good pics are Wietse’s.  Thank you.

8.8 km 600 m net and 800 m gain RT 2.5 hr up 4.5 rt


Hornecker October 14, 2018

Hornecker Mountain Oct 14, 2018


7.3 km  535 m 4.5 hrs


Nameless Ridge by Mist – AKA Eagle Ridge October 6, 2018 Hot Springs Highwood

Mist Mountain Kananaskis Hot Springs Winter Avalanche Highwood pass

Mist Mountain Kananaskis Hot Springs Avalanche paths winter avi risk highwood pass

Snow shoe to Eagle Ridge by Mist Mountain Kananaskis

Bit early to be snowshoeing but needed to get out so nice little trip with Wietse and Vern. I get lazy about taking pics when I am out with semi-professional photographers so all the good pics are from those guys. Thanks.

7 km 650 m  4 hrs RT.

Note some pics of the mist hot springs with tele.  The slopes on the way to the springs is steep and crosses several avi paths so be aware.


Ship’s Prow Mountain Sept 8, 2018 (AKA Lawrence Grassi Subpeak#2?)

Wren and Ship’s Prow Mountain Scramble from South ridge – prow sticks out to right.

Ship’s Prow Mountain from ridge out to prow. Access on and off summit by left leaning gully.

Ship’s Prow Mountain Scramble up chimney that gives access to ridge out to prow. Ascent ramp in distance with trees.

Interesting scramble that is not in guide books.  About 1100 m and 10 km  8.5 hrs RT if go out on prow.

The first part up to the col or the bump with big cairn is basically like Ha Ling without a trail so surprised that this doesn’t have a trail given proximity to Canmore.

Park just after bridge on left if coming from Canmore. Walk road beside canal and no trail so probably best to go to big pile of rocks at top of cleared area(old gravel pit) and head straight up. We wandered around a bit looking for trails but there were none.

First 400 m vertical is bushwack through widely spaced trees, moss and hornets up to ridge with scattered trees. Rained on us for an hour but we stuck with it.

Follow left edge of ridge in open trees to above treeline to meadow and up to main ridge col (another 400 m vert).

Take ridge northwest over bump with huge cairn to narrower ridge to Ship’s prow mtn summit- some easy scrambling along ridge. Some Moderate scramble on some ramps up to summit.  There is a notch 30 m back South from summit with a Chimney down to ridge that leads out to prow – moderate with blocky steps. See pics

Looks like some people have ascended the Ship’s prow from Grassi Knob by going around the South side and up and down the scree.

Turned into a reasonably sunny nice day.  Interesting flyby and acrobatics display by a small plane when we were at top.

Thanks Wren and Kevin for some pics.

Note looks like trail up from Grassi Knob or Three Sisters resort along three sisters creek to top of ships prow.

See last three pics.


Mount Sarrail Scamble Sept 1, 2108

Mount Sarrail Scramble – summit ridge

Mount Sarrail Scramble – summit

Long trip 26 km 1750 m gain – 12 hours RT – I cramped up at 2800 m and called it a day.

Hidden lake was very low so easy to walk along shoreline trail. Cairn and blue ribbon to head back into forest to catch the great trail which switchbacks up the headwall. much better than old trail which now is not maintained and has deadfall over it.  Turn left up slabby ribs near highpoint on trail to catch Sarrail ridge. Above treeline on grass go left (cairns) on trail around a cliff to avoid steep loose scree band. follow ridge to summit.



Elbow Loop Bike Aug 6, 2018

Elbow Loop Bike Aug 6, 2018

Plan A was Threepoint but left my boots in garage so Plan B was Bike Elbow Loop which I had not done for 30 years.

43 km and 750 m but total more like 1000m with gain and regain.

About 7 leisurely hours with 1-2 hrs of breaks.

Decided to go CW which is against the flow but faster and easier down run.

Only bridge not completed is the one past Big Elbow Campground at 12 km? at start of hill.


Whtye Attempt July 28

Got sick above rockband. Fever and stomach flu.

Went home.