Gap Mountain Aug 21/09


Gap Mountain, Kananaskis, Highwood Pass


Hiked up to base of Gap with a buddy.  Explored on the rock but too loose and exposed for a hiker.

Tried out a new camera – Olympus 565UZ.  My friends with DSLR’s will howl but I have owned top quality SLRs and I am not a good photographer so the extra capability is wasted on me.

The ease of use and advantages of a small lightweight(13 oz.) ultra zoom(20X) offset the disadvantages for me.  The ultrazooms do have slightly poorer image quality, are slower and don’t do as well in low light conditions but  I was able to pick up the 565 at a discontinued price of $320 CDN so it is a cheap experiment compared to a DSLR.

Pictures are here – check out the tele shot of a weather station and the butterfly shot.

Gap Mountain

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