Doorjam/Loder May 15/2011

Quick trip on Sunday for exercise with Kevin and Lars. A little over 2 hours up – 1.5 down.
Some snow in trees and patches on Loder.

Rest of mountains look very white. Drove down to Mt kidd and not much looks dry but lots of cars at Baldy and Wasootch peak. Nakiska runs still have snow right down to the lodge which confirms the pics I saw of people skiing on corn – unbelievable for Mid May!

Watch for wet avalanches – any time of day with no overnight freeze.
Be careful out there.

One tick – makes your skin crawl!

No pics.

Pics from a previous trip

Doorjam Loder  Jura Creek 2007

Note Doorjam and Loder are also South end  of Goat traverse



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