Commonweath Peak Kananaskis Scramble Aug 3 2013

Commonwealth scramble route1

commonwealth peak kane scramble route kananaskis


base of upper gulley groove


Don’t forget your water shoes or old runners for crossing the bog and streams.

Go into trees 30 m to left of start of avi runout and take time to find the up trail as if beats rock bands and bushwacking in small trees on avi path.

Ugly scree above col as go up to right – we kept close to left hand wall and then crossed over a rib and then angled up left into a gulley with more ugly scree which lead up to start of short mod climb in agulley/groove to summit ridge.

This needs more traffic to clean up scree although hardly worth it for such a short scramble section.  Reasonable training run I guess.

pics at Commonwealth

Wietse’s pics

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