Battalion Park Stairs, Signal Hill Calgary, Nov 13, 2019

  Battalion Park Stairs – three sets of wooden stairs that face south so lots of sun and chinook action. East Lower set is behind Lowes-Staples and is 20 m and about 45 m from bottom to top of park by cenotaph. West Lower set is behind Library and Superstore. Bottom is higher than East […]

SSV Downhill May 4, 2019

Downhill day with Wietse and Vern. 7100m

Prairie Mountain April 22, 2019

Monday day off after easter. Training day with daughters dog – Toffee. How does that saying go? Cutest ugly dog? Pekingese/Chihuahua Leisurely walk up in 1 hour 30 min which is ok for 700 m with a 15 month old dog with 8 inch legs on its first ever hike in mountains. Also went down […]

SSV – Down hill April 13, 2019

New snow – great day.

March 2019

Downhill ski at SSV and LL Play hockey every Sunday Prairie Mountain Workout 2-3 /week    

Train – SSV skiout to top Wawa – Jan 26, 2019

SSV old Skiout – up 780 m 5.9 km in 2:45 at casual pace staying below 130 HR with 125 alarm. With Dave   Did a downhill day with Wietse. Playing hockey once per week and 2-3x week on elip.

Ski DH SSV Jan 5, 2019

Ski DH SSV with Wietse 19 runs 6050m 1/2 of 60 km= 30 km Jan – training 2 or 3x week bike or Elip Hockey Sundays

Backcountry AT ski Dec 28, 2018

AT ski with Wietse -25 C start and all in shade so cold toes. Up LL ski out and Turned around at halfway hut. 15 km and 535 m . 2.5 km/hr on way in and 9 km/hr on way out. Cold but got some exercise outside. Also one day at SSV downhill.

Cardiac Stress test Dec 13, 2018 (Bruce Protocol)

Annual treadmill heart stress test at Total Cardiology. 12 min Peak BP 194/72 and 159 HR Could have done more but ankle issues and had achieved goals¬† with very close to exhaustion point so began slowdown at 12 minutes. “Bruce Protocol” –¬† treadmill increases angle and speed every 3 min so change at 12 min. […]

Doorjamb April 26, 2018

  Doorjamb after work Thursday. 1.5 hrs up to top crux. Some snow in trees but rock slabs dry. Left groove at crux was wet. 550 m 4.2 km RT Pics