Blanket Glacier Ski Trip Mar 3-7, 2017


Mark E at Blanket Glacier Chalet

Annual back country powder trip.(25th time)

Snowed for three days so skied trees  – pollux, monster and christmas and no pics.

Skied 800 to 1300 m per day.

Great snow but Monday was exceptional as snow had dried out from cold Sunday night.

Great feeling to be in the groove again – exceptional powder, great runs in trees and fitness, technique and the right equipment all came together.

Volkl Nunataq skis, Diamir Fritschi Vipec 12 Bindings and Dynafit TLT 6 Boots.  Great combination for deep powder.

Some sun as we flew out.

Chalet has been expanded and now even better. Lots of room, better bed platforms, rooms for couples, better insulation and heaters, and an indoor toilet.

The drying room for wet clothes and the sauna and shower worked good as always.

Pics of chalet 

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