Avi conditions March 16 – ski Sunshine


Avalanche conditions off the scale so decided to enjoy the ski hill on a corporate flex day.

Finally getting enough skiing in this year that my fitness and technique are coming back versus last few years.   Have always found that need more than 6 days to get back to a good ability level and need over 10 days to improve.  New excellent quality skis make a big difference. Good feeling and satisfaction to using the right tool for the right job.

Love my new wide  “water skis” – Nunataq’s in the deep powder like at Blanket but I have a pair of dedicated down hill skis (Volkl RTM 84) that are expert triple black skis – any conditions – any run. Heavier and need a downhill boot to drive them and not a luxury ride like Cadillac but like a Porsche – meant to be driven. Top end capability beyond me but you never want to be limited by your skis!

I cannot exceed the skis no matter how many days I ski and it expands my enjoyment of the harder black runs.

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