Doorjam/Loder May 15/2011

Quick trip on Sunday for exercise with Kevin and Lars. A little over 2 hours up – 1.5 down. Some snow in trees and patches on Loder. Rest of mountains look very white. Drove down to Mt kidd and not much looks dry but lots of cars at Baldy and Wasootch peak. Nakiska runs still […]

Wapta Traverse ski April 28 to May1, 2011 Banff, Canada

Note marked route picture up Balfour ramp   Large version. Four day traverse from Bow Lake over the icefields to exit at West Louise Lodge on Highway 1.(Sherbrooke Lake exit) About 40 km and about 1500 m of elevation gain and loss depending on peaks climbed. We climbed Saint Nicholas but we were in whiteout/snowing […]